Event Data Recorder (EDR) and Crash Data Retrieval (CDR)

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As an official training partner of Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Inc., we offer the most comprehensive training and further education on the subjects of Event Data Recorder (EDR) and Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) in Europe.

Also have a look at our service under www.edrfinder.com. Here we provide the world’s most comprehensive database for readability of electronic data from vehicles.

Our courses are held in German, English or multilingual. We offer various seminars, from introductory training to comprehensive basic training.

Webinar in three modules

Event Data Recorder (EDR) technology is becoming more and more relevant worldwide. In the meantime, more and more vehicles are equipped with EDR systems in all relevant markets worldwide. These provide extremely valuable data for accident reconstruction. Against the background of the ever-widening spread of driver assistance systems (ADAS), storage in EDR systems provides indispensable information on the activities of such systems.

For introduction and also deepening of knowledge, we offer an online event in three modules about EDR technology, which takes up all aspects from the basics to application in real-world accident reconstruction.


Current dates for 2024

Module 1: 18.01.2024
Module 2: 25.01.2024
Module 3: 01.02.2024

Module 1: 25.06.2024
Module 2: 02.07.2024
Module 3: 09.07.2024

Start time for each Module is 16:00 hrs (CET)


Module 1

Dr.-Ing. Oliver Brockmann, M.Eng. Andreas Diehl


  • History and Basics of Event Data Recorders (EDR)
  • Legal framework in the EU, USA, China and other countries worldwide
  • Data elements and storage principles
  • Retrieval tools (CDR, GIT, Tesla EDR Tool and others)
  • EDR coverage in different vehicles


Module 2

Dr.-Ing. Oliver Brockmann, M.Eng. Andreas Diehl


  • Practical access to EDR content
  • Handling of Electronic Control Units (ECUs)
  • Readout processes in the vehicle or on individual ECUs
  • Cables and Adapters
  • EDR Data elements and their basic interpretation


Modul 3

Dr. Michael Weyde


  • Use of EDR content for accident reconstruction
  • Importing data from EDR systems into PC Crash
  • Carrying out simulation calculations
  • Discussion of example cases
  • Accuracy of EDR data elements


EUR 450,- excl. VAT (price for all three modules)