EDR/CDR Introductory course








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EDR/CDR Introductory course
1 day course in english

05.11.2021, 09:00 – 17:00 clock

Online event

Dr.-Ing. Oliver Brockmann, Brockmann Ingenieure
M.Eng. Andreas Diehl Brockmann Ingenieure

370,00 € plus Tax

The 1-day seminar introduces the topic of crash data retrieval and then shows how data can be read from vehicles. The various possibilities of data access are demonstrated.

With the help of the Bosch CDR tool, it is possible to access crash data from Event Data Recorders (EDR) in many vehicles via a validated interface that is officially supported by vehicle manufacturers. In particular, data on the pre-collision movement behaviour of a vehicle and on the driver’s actions (including steering and braking interventions) are also available. Due to the increasingly poor pre-collision evidence situation, the utilisation of such data is indispensable in the context of a complete preservation of evidence by the accident reconstructionist.

In the USA, the use of the Bosch CDR tool has been state of the art in accident reconstruction for many years. Since 2013, the Bosch CDR Tool has also been available in Europe and awg, as an official training partner of Bosch and the distributor IbB Engineering (Dr Heinz Burg), has been conducting training and further education courses

Accident reconstruction experts

This course is conducted online as a webinar